Welcome to the home of Xriva Enterprises on the web. I'm Kevin Gilhooly, your host. (A special welcome to all the other rather geeky Kevins who wondered who got this domain first.)

This is the original introduction from an earlier version of this site - see what you think is wrong:

This rather limited (at the moment) site will eventually contain links to my freeware and shareware software for the Windows Mobile and Palm platforms and for various Java environments, both desktop and device (J2ME). (I have been promising this for years, actually. I have been promising it for so long that I'm back to Notes development, with some Eclipse on the side. So, now I should promise to have an update site with my sample code available. Real soon now.)

First, I have to find all of my old source code, which is buried on one (or many) of the machines around here. Plus, I work for IBM in my copious spare time, so they give a bunch of my source code away, anyway.

Let's see - I do still work for IBM. Other than that, Windows Mobile is pretty much dead. Palm, who knows? I haven't done J2ME in years, although I do miss it. So, there's not a lot of sample code forthcoming. Sorry for those who only came for the downloads.